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This story is about a journey! One that I have embarked on a very long time ago not knowing where the road would take me. Along the way, I've had support from some amazing people.

Adrøit Atelier was created from a series of events that occurred and instead of being defeated, I surrounded myself with talented individuals and together, we persevered, we kept on going, nurturing the ultimate goal; to offer you this brand.

Adrøit Atelier features women’s contemporary fashion designed in Montreal. Our collection comprises outerwear and ready-to-wear styles with some items made in Canada. We are proud to partner with local suppliers as well as trusted overseas experts.

What is an Adrøit Atelier woman? She’s confident and worldly, with an amazing sense of humour and style. The Adrøit Atelier woman is resourceful, clever and ingenious. She embodies a relaxed femininity and cultivates her own subtly sexy, yet casual elegant look.

We can’t predict what the future will hold, but we do know this… Adrøit Atelier will keep offering eye-catching pieces to outfit your mood and inspire your day.

Life is a journey, and you deserve to feel fantastic as you forge your own path!

Just be you: Perfectly Imperfect!